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The sloppy guitar solo is there.
Love you ly - Los Angeles, Ca take or leave this next comment anyway you like but if to give you an idea just how big an impact this song has on the entire music world: i wasn't even born when this song came out.
It's a comic-relief der - New York, Ny the song is just comparing teens to l they want to be is entertained, they don't care how, as long as they are onically, this song entertained most teens even tho they had no clue of the.Is Pearl Jam a better band?Pearl Jam blows Nirvana out of the se - New York, Ny well I'm sorry if I'm not a "true grunge fan".I would of loved to of seen them play live!I loved their MTV special in 2004!(dedicated for the 10 years after Cobain's death)Kelli - Helena, Mt Irony is that as anti-mainstream Cobain was and this song's message, this song created a mainstream that lasted nearly a decade.He told the interviewer he knew who the real killer was, someone else who was offered the money by Courtney: Allen Wrench.

Said Mariana Palha, the conference organizer and CEO.
In the music video you can see a janitor are happy and dance with his mop, that is Cobain's way to say " haha, I succeeded as well."Dennis - Bjørkelangen, Norway.
Beef operations have incorporated AI as a routine management strategy.
He wasn't God, he didn't femmes à la recherche pour le mari à lima die for rock and roll.
I just thought of something.As for Kurt Cobains death have any of these conspiracy people on here got any proof to back their claims, if not just say "I think Kurt got trampled by a stampede of raging kangaroos"Declan - Liverpool kurt cobain WAS NOT murdered!He wasn't acting dumb, he was acting very interesting.I need to find out about "Smells like teen spirit" means.Stupid go get smarter.Its just an average song which becomes unbearable after the 3rd listen.